Recipe (Video): Strawberry & Mango Supercharged Smoothie

I created this recipe with GreenNiche's BonCare product. I wanted a healthier fruit smoothie which would both energize me, as well as give me the essential nutrients missing from my diet! Being a fruit juice fanatic, I wanted these yummy fruits as well as one spoon of BonCare goodness to boost my brain, liver, heart and kidneys health. BonCare - Ajwa date seed powder is high on fiber, antioxidants and has anti-tumor properties. Visit GreenNiche's website for more information on their BonCare product and use the code GoR for a 10% discount the product! Ingredients: 1 bowl strawberries & mangoes 1/2 cup milk 2 table spoons yougurt 1 spoon BonCare powder (Spoon Available inside) * You can add m

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