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This summer was super adventurous for me in terms of trying out new food trends, pushing the boundaries, meeting new people & experiencing different Halal cultural cuisines right here in the Greater Toronto Area!

As the annual Canadian National Exhibition marks the end of Summer vacations, there are a few GTA spots you can add to your list that will bring some diversity & excitement to your life.

Kopper Kettle Bistro & Chocolate Lounge

Kopper Kettle Bistro is a new Milton gem that has replaced the Dunk N Dip Milton location. Here, you can indulge your every sweet or salty craving! Whether you want something sweet such as mouthwatering chocolate oozing desserts or something saltier such as a Beef Kebob cooked with tomato, green peppers, onions and mushrooms served in a toasted bread bowl.

They also have a back to school 15% discount going on for the month of September!

Toshka Grill & Lounge

Whether you want a nice night out with family or a fun night out with friends over Sheesha/Hooka, Toshka Grill & Lounge is the perfect place for tasty Pakistani & Middle Eastern options on Grand Park Drive Mississauga! Also make sure to check out their desserts & gorgeous mural while you are there!

They also accommodate parties & guests up to 400 people for parties, reservations recommended!


Want to quench your bubble tea thirst? ThirsTea on Dundas Street East is a new bubble tea spot in Mississauga that specializes in a creamy fruit series made from real fruit!

Cheese caps were an uncharted area for me & even though its a big trend this summer I was unsure about that one, but they did not disappoint! You can even add Oreo toppings & 24K gold flakes to your drink to make it extravagant & it tastes even better!

Pablo Canada

Pablo, the Japanese Cheese Tarts chain opened up on Dundas Street West this summer & every flavour is more mouth watering then the next. With the perfect amount of sweetness & flavour whether it be their Cheese Tarts, drinks or ice-creams!

They also have a new flavour coming out this fall & after having exclusively tried it out I can vouch for the Beniimo flavour which is a special sweet potato grown in Okinawa, Japan! Also do try their Chocolate Mint Tart which has chocolate oozing out of its centre!

Za Pizza Bistro

The very new Za Pizza Bistro just opened up to new locations in Toronto at Vaughan & Adelaide, Downtown Toronto! You can customize your entire pizza from crust, cheese, toppings including the sauces. Although the meat is not Halal you can go for vegetarian toppings.

The vegetarian pizzas are super fresh & being a dessert person I am in love with their dessert pizzas topped with ice-cream & loved the Rocky Road flavour! Some other flavours include Oreo Explosion, Apple Crisp, Cherry Crumble & Blueberry Sensation!

Gazebo Burgers & Grill

This 50's inspired diner is for anyone feeling nostalgic or just wants to go old school. What was Highway 56 on Oakville has now revamped the menu & it's style & has delicious Poutine, Chilli Cheese Fries, Onion Rings, fresh & authentic Signature Grilled Beef Burgers, Milkshakes, Caramel & Chocolate being my favourite and their famous Red Velvet Funnel Cake with Frozen Custard Ice Cream n Strawberry Sauce!

This place is every Riverdale, Archie Comics & diner inspired tv show or movie fanatics dream come true. Give it a try you won't be disappointed & till end of October you get 10% off on your next meal at Gazebos by mentioning Girls on a Roll sent you! ;)

Mani's Pizza & Arabica Sweets Time

The reason I have these last two locations together is because they go perfectly as a meal & Arabic Dessert after! If you are ever on Central Parkway East, Mississauga, there are two hidden gems, so they were a recent discovery for me! One is Mani's Pizza & Wings which has the best Honey Garlic Hot Wings & speciality Pizza especially the Chicken Shawarma Pizza with white garlic base & extra hot pepper toppings!

The Second place is Arabica Sweets which is the perfect place for Arabic dessert! Arabica is the place to go & although Kunafa's is pretty damn good on Lawrence Avenue East Toronto. In my opinion, Arabica’s Kunafa is my ultimate favourite. Having grown up in the Middle East, the sweet cheese mastery was perfectly soaked in the sweet syrup drizzled & sprinkled with pistachios! Check it out & let me know if you think it lived up to the hype? ;)

I would love to hear about your favourite places, experiences & summer spots & what you think of mine! Let me know in the comments! :)

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